Indianapolis Public Schools is proud to announce our 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year, Amy Wackerly. Mrs. Wackerly teaches 3rd grade at Center for Inquiry School 2. Her commitment to lifelong learning and service to our students and our community make her an example of excellence in IPS! This isn’t the first time her dedication has been recognized; Mrs. Wackerly was CFI 2’s Teacher of the Year in 2002 and made the district’s top ten finalist list that year. Teacher of the Year Amy Wackerly

Mrs. Wackerly is completing her 15th year at CFI 2, but she treats every year as a new opportunity to learn and grow as an educator. She is regularly called to present at regional and national conferences including the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers and the National Council of Teachers of English. Mrs. Wackerly was selected to represent CFI 2 and IPS at the 2013 Elementary Education International Conference in China.


Our Teacher of the Year also has several published works on educational research and best practices. She even worked with Purdue University and CFI colleague Ann Mennonno to develop curriculum and professional development to promote student interest in science!

Although she has many professional accomplishments, Mrs. Wackerly considers student growth and accomplishment to be her greatest reward. Just this year a former student, now in high school, wrote Mrs. Wackerly to say she was the teacher who made a difference in this young woman’s life. She struggled in elementary school, but is now taking honors courses and receiving high grades.

“My students know I care,” said Mrs. Wackerly. “They know I believe in them, and they know I have very high expectations for each one of them. My greatest accomplishments are giving students the tools to think globally and believe in themselves, and researching and contributing to the educational field.”

Mrs. Wackerly impresses upon her students the importance of thinking and acting as a community and world citizen. Classroom projects frequently spark community service initiatives led by her students. Lifelong learning is another key message in the classroom; Mrs. Wackerly frequently hosts student teachers to share her experience and learn new things from future educators as well.

We are so proud of the impact Mrs. Wackerly has on CFI 2 and our community, and we look forward to her representing IPS well in the nominee pool for Indiana’s State Teacher of the Year!