We’re entering an exciting time for the future of Indianapolis Public Schools! IPS is partnering with Mass Insight Education (MIE) to engage in a turnaround process for our schools. This is a unique opportunity for our district to engage in and embrace a culture of transformation.

We are spearheading the work of positive change ourselves by building Transformation Zones (TZ), pairing a high school with two feeder elementary schools to create a clear path and consistency in wraparound services for students from pre-K through graduation. With MIE, we will engage in a four-phase process:
PhaseProjected DatesWho’s Involved?What’s Happening?
INow-July 2015MIE, IPS, Families, Community StakeholdersMIE conducts surveys and assessments in the district and school community. Info gathered will lead to a recommended design for specific services.
IIJuly 2015-July 2016MIE, IPS Core Leadership, SchoolsInitial TZ is built with strategic decisions on funding, goals and long-term impact. Advisory council is formed and performance monitoring standards are developed.
IIIJuly 2016-July 2017IPS, School Leadership, TZ Advisory CouncilService model is activated with central office support. Strategy and structure to sustain the process is created.
IVBeginning July 2017IPS Core Leadership, MIE, Schools, Families, Community StakeholdersOutcomes of phases I-III are reviewed and necessary revisions are made to create two more TZs.
We are currently participating in the first phase of this process to identify our strengths, opportunities and areas for growth and improvement. MIE team members will be in our school communities surveying various stakeholder groups to gain a better understanding of the district’s overall performance and operations. The expertise and experience in our communities will help us build transformation from ideas and insight we already possess.The information collected through these surveys will be anonymous and confidential. 
To learn more about this exciting journey we are taking as a district, please check out our Transformation Zone FAQ or contact the IPS Service Center at 317.226.4000.