June 12, 2017


John Marshall Girls Basketball Team  

Members of the girls basketball team at John Marshall Community High School participated in the inaugural Girl Power campaign hosted by the IPS Athletics Department.

IPS Athletics Department kicked off its Girl Power campaign in May by treating
the young ladies of the John Marshall girls basketball team to a photoshoot,
complete with hair and makeup styling. The girls adorned brand new jerseys for
the shoot, which were provided by Procter & Gamble.


coach Christina Cunningham was thrilled to help give her players the opportunity
to be pampered and have their voices heard.JohnMarshall Ball Team


growth is one of my passions when coaching girls basketball. Showing them that
you actually do care will bring the best out of them,” said Cunningham. “As a
kid, you may or may not get a lot of encouragement, so this is great for them —
giving them the confidence that they need.”


the photo shoot, the Lady Patriots were interviewed about what the word “beauty”
means to them. They were also asked what advice they would give to other young
ladies who may be dealing with a tough situation in school.


member and soon-to-be senior, Faith, shared some lessons. “Be yourself. I feel
like you should feel beautiful in your own skin, and you shouldn’t have to do
anything to change who you really are.”


is beautiful in their own way, you just have to find that beauty and express
it!” said Lady Patriot player Kanika.


Girl Power campaign is designed to highlight IPS female student athletes, to
empower them to use their voices, and to inspire the next generation of young
ladies to participate in sports.


Athletics will feature a new female team, player or coach each season.