Indianapolis Public Schools is honored to offer our students a multitude of exceptional opportunities, including athletics. A recent media report implied our students aren’t fully equipped for football this year, but fortunately that isn’t the case. We are definitely ready to send all of our teams to the field as the high school season kicks off tonight!

IPS has a full set of equipment – including a uniform, helmet, and all required safety gear – for every academically eligible athlete. We hold our students to a rigorous standard for eligibility. Student athletes must have a full schedule (at least five classes), a “C” average (with no more than two grades below “C” on your transcript), and a 90% attendance rate.

When our central services were alerted to some equipment needs at IPS high schools, athletic leaders sprang into action to gather all of the necessary tools for our athletes. We appreciate the support of our partners at Tindley Accelerated Schools, who returned all of Arlington High School’s football equipment back to IPS. Arlington does not currently have a football team. Those pads and other equipment are being reconditioned, checked for safety, and sent to Northwest and other schools in need of additional gear so academically ineligible students can participate in practice.

IPS is proud of our student athletes – we are committed to giving them every possible opportunity to grow physically and mentally as they make us proud throughout the football season!