Calendar purpose

The calendar specifies days of student and teacher attendance, identifies purpose of days, and indicates attendance totals. The calendar reflects district priorities for ensuring effective instruction and providing seamless delivery of school support services throughout the year.


Calendar functions table
Past District practice attempted to capture compensation information for all employees on the school year calendar document, leading to considerable confusion. This summary, in conjunction with reformatted graphic calendars, provides needed clarity for students, families, and staff. 
Calendar development process
The presented calendar is the work-product of the calendar development committee, a collaborative team comprised of representatives of relevant stakeholder groups. Committee members were selected through an open application process to include parents, teachers, principals and district staff. Over the course of several weeks, the committee used an iterative process to draft and refine potential school year calendars. Each successive draft reflected the addition of pertinent stakeholder feedback. The presented recommendations are reflective of student and family needs, teacher and administrator suggestions, and district priorities and requirements.

Key points

  • Includes five District Professional Development (PD) days
    • Designed to provide a coherent and strategic PD sequence for the District
    • Ensures that all teachers understand common instructional expectations and available curricular and instructional supports
    • Two days during the week prior to school opening; three days embedded throughout the school year
    • Placed carefully to follow existing days off; easing childcare provisions and ensuring minimal impact on instructional continuity
  • Increases school opening preparation from one day to two days
    • Provides adequate time for school-based meetings, classroom work time, and District convocation
    • Reporting schedules for non-teaching employee groups will be determined by managerial discretion
  • Maintains structure of Parents In Touch (PIT) day for family engagement opportunities
  • Retains balanced calendar design with two-week breaks in Fall and Spring
  • Reduces Thanksgiving break in November from a full week to three days in consideration of Fall and Winter breaks in October and December/January
  • Compensation contract negotiations with bargaining units would occur after the school year calendar is approved