IPS Approves a New Contract that Includes Raises for Public Service Workers

(February 22, 2018) The Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners unanimously approved a new collective bargaining agreement with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) at tonight’s Board Action Session. The approved contract means the district’s nearly 800 public service workers will get raises or significant bonuses. This group includes non-teaching staff such as bus drivers, special education assistants and cafeteria workers.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Bus drivers, bus attendants and special education instructional assistants will get a nine to 13 percent raise. These increases are conditional based on conduct, performance and completion of Safe Schools training.
  • All other classifications (excluding bus drivers, bus attendants and special education instructional assistants) are eligible for a one-time loyalty bonus of $1,750. The stipend is conditional on conduct and performance requirements.
  • Employees will have a choice of new healthcare plan options that could decrease employee premiums by more than 50 percent.

“We are excited about what this means for this group of hardworking employees,” said Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee. “Despite budget constraints, the district is committed to our strategic priority to increase employee compensation. This investment in talented and loyal staff is factored into the General Fund deficit and remains necessary to attract and retain talented people in these positions.”

This contract will positively impact our Special Education Department by increasing the opportunity to provide more services internally while reducing the need for high-cost outside services.

Finally, the raise for bus drivers dramatically increases the district’s ability to recruit and retain qualified applicants with a wage, benefits and retirement plan that more directly compete with surrounding school districts.