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IPS Administration Recommends Liberty Grove Schools as Potential New Innovation Partner for Elder Diggs School 42

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is exploring a potential partnership with Liberty Grove Schools to operate as an Innovation partner school at Elder Diggs School 42 — starting with the 2022–23 school year.

The recommendation was made during Thursday’s Board Action Session to the IPS Board of School Commissioners. 

If approved, the Liberty Grove Innovation Agreement will include additional features to codify deeper collaboration, support and accountability structures:  

  • Monthly school visits and data reviews with IPS Portfolio Team.
  • Opportunity for IPS to implement performance improvement plans. 
  • Increased, ongoing communication with families about the school’s performance (for example, Parent Advisory Committee meetings).

The school is currently under an Innovation Agreement with Ignite Achievement Academy through the 2021-22 school year. 

On Dec. 16, the IPS Board of School Commissioners voted to not renew Ignite Achievement Academy’s Innovation Agreement for the 2022–23 school year. That decision was made for a variety of reasons, including low test scores, consistent enrollment declines, high suspension rates, and significant declines in staff retention.

Throughout December and January, IPS has held several meetings for Ignite families, staff and community partners to share attributes they want to see in Elder Diggs moving forward and to meet the candidates for the next school leader (which included Liberty Grove and an IPS direct-managed option).

On Thursday, current Ignite parents and community partners shared their endorsement for Liberty Grove Schools.

Next Steps?

Now that the IPS administration has shared its recommendation for Liberty Grove Schools, the administration will:

  • Concretely begin transition conversations with the Liberty Grove team, including:

o    Community and family engagement next steps

o    Responding to student data as available

o    Building out new structures for increased contact between the school and IPS teams 

  • Return to the IPS Board with Innovation Agreement later this winter/spring for a Board vote. 

For more details on the Ignite transition and timeline, click HERE. Questions can be emailed