(October 5, 2017) The recently released 2016-17 ISTEP letter grades show some improvement in the number of Indianapolis Public Schools that have increased their performance, while the overall grade for the district remains mostly unchanged for the third year in a row. Like many other districts, we struggle with annual changes to state assessments. We are eager to implement a more comprehensive accountability framework, which we believe will give us, and the community, more meaningful and helpful information about our schools.

While some of our secondary schools did show improvement in letter grades, comprehensive performance reinforces our decision to reinvent our high schools. By offering more options, reducing the number of schools to make more strategic investments, and creating more engaging programming, we look forward to seeing high school letter grades improve.

Although still relatively new, our Innovation Network strategy is showing promise with strong growth and top grades for most of these schools. We continue to believe that strong school leadership is a key component across all types of schools. As we continue to build our talent base of leaders, and entrust them with more autonomy, we expect steady improvement across the district. 

“IPS is committed to continue offering school leaders more flexibility and greater autonomy when it comes to making the best decisions for their students’ unique needs,” said IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee.  “This flexibility encourages more creativity in the classroom and results in more accountability for teachers.”

We are proud of all of our schools that have made progress, and believe our underlying strategy is moving us in the right direction.