Cold Spring School,
George H. Fisher School 93, Global Prep Academy and Kindezi Academy are kicking off a new
academic year as part of the district’s roster of Innovation Network Schools.


These schools, under the Innovation Network Agreement, are IPS
partners allowed to fully operate within our district while maintaining full
discretion to make academic and operational decisions with their schools. 


The addition of these programs brings the total number of
innovation schools (both conversion and restart) within IPS to nine. They also
represent the broad selection of school choice — innovation, autonomous and neighborhood
— the district provides to families throughout the community.


All four
schools, which boast exciting new curriculum models, are ready to welcome
students, families and neighbors into their buildings on August 1.


Cold Spring School and George H. Fisher School 93 are the
district’s first Innovation Network Conversion Schools, which allows schools with
strong leaders to convert to innovation, creating a curriculum and management design with greater flexibility to address
their school’s specific needs.


Cold Spring’s school design extends the instructional day and allocates staffing to support enhanced STEM
curriculum. Cold Spring would also expand its partnership with Marian University, serving as a lab school with benefits expected for both schools. The
environmental science magnet program is for Grades K-6.


George H. Fisher’s school
design expands on the popular Project RESTORE model, which uses weekly
assessments to consistently identify growth opportunities for increased student
achievement. The school is for Grades K-6.


On the other end of the innovation spectrum are Restart
Innovation Schools Global Prep Academy (the innovation partner for
Riverside School 44) and Kindezi Academy (the innovation partner for Joyce
Kilmer Academy 69). Restart Innovation Schools are the product of a strategic initiative to transform struggling or
under-performing schools.


Global Prep
features a dual-language program, with students spending equal time
experiencing lessons in English and Spanish. Literacy across all content areas
will be taught by teams of two teachers in each classroom. An extended school
day offers opportunities for enrichment programming as well.


school model is focused on building character while providing an exemplary
education through blended learning. The integration of technology in the
classroom will allow teachers to provide personalized instructional
opportunities for each student.


With so many school options, it’s easy to get lost in the
differences between innovation, autonomous and neighborhood schools. As
aforementioned, an Innovation Network School has full decision-making authority
over both academic and operational functions, while autonomous schools are allowed
only to leverage school-based decision making authority over academic functions
of their school. At neighborhood schools (in which students are assigned to
attend based on where they live geographically), all academic and operational
decisions are made by the Central Office.


To meet the needs of all of the families we serve, we continue
to build our portfolio of schools so that each are uniquely designed to provide
high-quality educational experiences for the students within that school.


By granting our principals and teachers the flexibility and
authority needed to effectively meet the needs of their students, IPS continues
to build a system where the Central Office supports school needs instead of
dictating them.


Here is a look at several upcoming dates for a few of our
new and current innovation schools. All events shown will be held at the
individual schools:





Emma Donnan Elementary & Middle School

1202 E. Troy Ave.

July 20 |  10 a.m.–1 p.m.

School Tours and Registration


July 30 | 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Back to School Book Bag Drive

(Emma Donnan students only)

Kindezi Academy

3421 N. Keystone Ave.

July 22  | 4 p.m. 

Ribbon Cutting. School leader Shanae Staples will lead the ceremony with students,
families, staff and neighbors.


Global Prep Academy

2033 Sugar Grove Ave.

July 27 | 5 p.m.–7 p.m.

Ice Cream Social


July 28  | 10 a.m. 

Ribbon Cutting. Principal Mariama Carson will be joined by her school team and
supporters. A tour of the school will follow.



More open houses and school-based events are in the works.
Keep an eye out for additional information regarding future meet-and-great


For more information about our Innovation and Autonomous
schools, visit our website