IPS is excited to announce our call for quality applicants to launch an Innovation Network School for the 2018-2019 school year.

Pursuant to IC 20-25.5, any individual, school team, or charter organization may be eligible to run an Innovation Network School. Indianapolis Public Schools is leading the way, both in the city and nation, in designing a system that supports schools’ expanded autonomy as well as expanding quality choices for all families.

There are four ways to become an Innovation Network School. You may be interested in more than one, and can indicate such in your Letter of Intent. However, your final application must be focused to one specific type of school in order to be considered.

  1. New School Launch – A new school that opens may enter into an Innovation Network Agreement to be in partnership with IPS facilities and shared services.
  2. Charter as New Partner – Charter schools, either new or existing, within the IPS boundaries may enter into a partnership with IPS via an Innovation Network Agreement. This allows access to shared services such as food service, transportation, and professional development.
  3. Restarts – A partner applies to restart a chronically under-performing school that has been recommended for this intervention by district leadership. These applications should be tailored to school and community needs in the fall. At the time of this call, you should indicate your willingness to restart any school for which the need is identified.
  4. Conversion – In an Innovation Conversion, an existing IPS school that shows strong prior performance or outstanding leadership and team capacity may apply to convert their school. Significant staff, parent, and community support is needed for this route and should be detailed in the upcoming application.

To learn more about Innovation Schools, see these articles and resources.

Please review information about our specific timeline.

To get started, please use our letter of intent template.

Please email completed document to vandewallej@myips.org before the specified deadline.

Please note that for 2018, we are not accepting any Innovation applications at the high school level.