The seventh running of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (IMM) is November 1, and once again, Indianapolis Public Schools is playing a big part. With over 1400 students running and over 300 volunteers, IPS is more involved than ever before.

IPS is in its third year of running the IMM. According to Katherine Langdon, Health & Wellness Coordinator for IPS, participation by IPS schools is up to 29 this year from 15 last year. That means 14 schools are participating for the first time, and almost half of all IPS schools are involved! Some students are even running in the mini this year, not just the 5K. Langdon is excited by the growth. “It has kind of taken over my life,” she joked.

Schools running also participated in the Monumental Kids movement, a 9-week program leading up to the IMM focusing on educating students about the benefits of exercise and healthy living. Students met at least twice a week, built their cardio and learned about nutrition. If students had at least 75% attendance in the program, they also received free entry at the IMM.

“We felt it was important to have a program tied into our event that gives students an opportunity to learn about exercise, proper diet and healthy living, and this also gives them a showcase in front of the community, something outside of school,” Casey Collins, Community Outreach Manager for the IMM, said.

Additionally, many IPS high school athletes are volunteering prior to the race, at the event as course marshals (to help runners stay on course), or to help tear down and pick up afterwards.

The IMM Organization continues to be a vital partner for IPS. It has donated over $400,000 to the IPS Education Foundation since beginning in 2008. We’re proud that partnership is growing stronger each year.

We’re also proud of all our runners and volunteers and can’t wait to see everyone in action on Saturday! We hope to see you there, and so do our runners! As Daniela C., one IPS runner last year said, “I thought I couldn’t make it to the finish line, but then when I heard those cheers it made me feel better. I made it to the finish line happily and proud.”