(August 8, 2018) — Indianapolis Public Schools announced today its partnership with Cenergistic to implement an Energy Conservation Program. IPS plans to save more than $7.5M over the five-year contract term.

The project began earlier this summer and helps schools within the district implement behavioral changes to reduce energy use across the district to drive costs savings. The administration’s key driver in the decision to implement an energy conservation program was to save both energy and financial resources to become more judicious stewards of taxpayer dollars. The program provides a full-time Energy Specialist to help monitor and maintain energy efficiencies and policies.

“I’m confident that we’re going to be able to utilize the resources they bring to save the district and taxpayers critical capital and general fund dollars,” said Scott Martin, IPS Deputy Superintendent for Operations. “I’m excited about what I’ve seen them do with other clients across the country. They’re a good firm with a strong, proven track record and the success they’ve generated at other locations is an encouraging indicator for the success we’ll achieve.”

Cenergistic engineers and experts work closely with the embedded Energy Specialist and other Indianapolis Public Schools personnel to audit and optimize each energy-using system throughout the district. The conservation program will also help the district qualify for ENERGY STAR® certification with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Partnering with Cenergistic is one of many steps Indianapolis Public Schools will take to lessen the cost of energy consumption. IPS also plans to implement LED lighting at buildings across the district. It’s another important example of how the district is constantly working to reduce spending ahead of asking voters to approve tax referenda that will increase teacher compensation and cover critical special needs programs as well as enhance safety and security of school buildings throughout the district.

“Working with a company like Cenergistic to dramatically reduce our energy consumption is critical to the financial success of our school district,” said Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, IPS Superintendent. “Ultimately, the success of this program will enable us to close our funding gaps, continue our path of raising compensation, and key programming important to student achievement.”

District officials are also hopeful that the partnership will instill the importance of energy conservation into the minds of staff and students for a more sustainable future.