October 16, 2017

Colts Players and staff after the ribbon cutting at School 109's playground build

LENDING A HEALPING HAND — Players and staff with the Indianapolis Colts took time to help build a playground at Jonathan Jennings School 109. Below, students have fun  with one of the players during the build.

The weather was beautiful and the energy was high on September 26, 2017, as nearly 200 volunteers helped build a brand new playground at Jonathan Jennings School 109. This was the Indianapolis Colts’ 10th annual playground build and School 109 students received a new track and playground equipped with swings, slides, monkey bars and much more.

With help from Colts players, Colts staff and all of the team’s corporate partners, the Colts community was able to put this together the playground together in just six hours.

Students with a Colts player at School 109's playground build

One of the players, Anthony Walker is always willing to give back – especially when it comes to kids. “I’m always looking for opportunities to be able to push them in a positive direction,” said Walker. “I’m all for that!”

Bill Davis with Rebuilding Together Indianapolis was another partner who volunteered on-site. “As part of the revitalization in the city of Indianapolis and our partnership with that, the schools are huge,” said Davis. “The Colts have been building these playgrounds for a few years now and what we do is go to the school grounds and do the improvements around the school itself to make it even nicer for the kids! That’s what we did here.”

Kevin McMahan, principal of Jonathan Jennings School 109, is very appreciative of the Colts community for taking a day off to help build the playground for his students. “I’ve been in this building for nine years and we try to add a little bit more to the grounds each and every year, but we’ve always been missing a few key elements. We’ve had a playground, but it was completely outdated. This means so much to us.”

Stephanie Pemberton, director of marketing for the Indianapolis Colts, shared that for many of the volunteers, “The best part of the day is toward the end when the students start to come out and you get to see their faces light up because they’re so excited to see their new playground.”

Shortly after the ribbon cutting, the group witnessed just that as students eagerly awaited the opportunity to test out their brand new, brightly colored outdoor playground.