January 26, 2018

Pacers' Boomer and CFI 70 Students

ONE-ON-ONE FUN — Indiana Pacers’ mascot Boomer played a little one-on-one basketball with students from Center for Inquiry School 70 to kick off NBA Fit Week on January 17.

To kick off NBA Fit Week, the Indiana Pacers sent Boomer and several volunteers to host fun-filled recess periods with some lucky elementary students at Center for Inquiry School 70 on January 17.

The event was part of the Pacers’ Fit Like A Pro program, in partnership with Playworks Indiana.

The crew took to the school gymnasium and engaged kindergarten and first-grade students in the first recess of the day, and second- and third-grade students during the second recess. Boomer got the kids loose and limber with a series of silly, follow-the-leader exercise routines before they split into groups and went off to different kid-friendly fitness stations.

The first station was, appropriately, a basketball shooting challenge where students took Boomer and other Pacers and Playworks members to the hoop. The other three stations featured a hula-hoop contest, a rolling dodgeball challenge, and a cone relay race that students found themselves fully immersed in.

CFI 70 Principal Chris Collier had a great time watching her students interact with their special guests.

“It is so exciting to have Boomer and the Pacers here today,” said Collier. “Kids always love recess period, but today it’s just amped up. They’re so ready to be active and see that being active is fun.”

The purpose of the recess takeovers was to show kids the importance of fitness and to encourage them to stay active with fun games. Playworks Indiana is a local nonprofit organization that facilitates recesses and leadership programs throughout the state to help students with social and emotional learning through play.