The Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) provides great services to the Latino population of Indianapolis Public Schools.

It was founded in 2001 and has worked consistently to improve the lives of Latino residents within the entire state of Indiana. It is a non-profit agency with main offices located at 401 W. Michigan Street. Many of its events target Latino students in IPS schools and other Marion County schools with large Latino student populations. They have a “four-pronged approach to their programming structure,” which they have labeled HEAR, standing for Health, Education, Advocacy and Research.

The ILI encourages IPS students to consider a broader outlook for their future possibilities. Most recently it hosted the Indiana Latino Education Summit at the Sheraton in Downtown Indianapolis. Students from George Washington Community High School, Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School and Northwest Community High School were in attendance. This summit educated prospective college students on how to apply for college and what would make their essays stand out. The summit also offered advice for students with different migratory statuses and their options for future learning. The summit closed with a college fair representing over 30 schools.

The ILI also offers a paid internship for Latino students over their summer break. In order to apply for these internships a student must have attended at least one event from the ILI and also complete an application process. The payment comes in the form of a $500.00 stipend or scholarship that the student receives after their internship is done. For more information, interested students can go to

ILI also provides scholarships to many of the students within our community. Last year it awarded 20 $1000.00 scholarships to students from our area. It has also collaborated with students at George Washington on a Crime Prevention Initiative that has students focusing on their futures rather than their pasts.

The Indiana Latino Institute plans to continue its strong support of the IPS Latino community.