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Indiana Charter School Board (ICSB) Vote Response

Today’s vote provides a path for long-term growth for students on the city’s south side and a positive, sustained impact for the communities surrounding Emma Donnan, Emmerich Manual, and Thomas Carr Howe.

IPS is committed to addressing the individual needs of each school, and the return of Emma Donnan, Emmerich Manual and Thomas Carr Howe to the district will allow continued expansion of sustainable choice options for all students.

Our next steps include moving forward with our partnerships with Christel House Academy South and other entities to operate the schools under our Innovation Network Model. We look forward to presenting the Indiana State Board of Education (INSBOE) with our plan to integrate students from all three schools into the IPS family.

As with the INSBOE, parents and students can feel confident that every teacher, principal and supporting school and district staff member will employ a highly-efficient, seamless transition back into the IPS family of schools.