Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee recently shared exciting news with our teachers regarding the raises initially approved in summer 2015. Dr. Ferebee emailed the following announcement to all staff on 11 January announcing the district’s plans regarding teacher pay increases:


As you know, the district has been awaiting delayed ISTEP data
from the state for quite a while in order to finalize evaluations and
allocate teacher raises awarded from the 2015-16 bargaining agreement.
 With the start of the 2016 legislative session, there is proposed
language to decouple any ISTEP testing results from teacher and
principal evaluations for the 2014-15 school year. Both political
parties have signaled strong support by quickly passing proposed bills
through House and Senate committees. The IDOE and The Governor’s Office
are also indicating support, so this legislation is likely to pass
within the next few weeks. 


Given these circumstances and the district’s interest in
compensating teachers as soon as possible, IPS and IEA have agreed on a
plan to move forward, anticipating that the aims of the proposed bills
will soon become law. Human Resource Services will soon communicate
specific guidance to principals for completing 2014-15 performance
evaluations that will exclude IDOE metrics. Meanwhile, HR and the
Finance Office are collaborating to generate processes for retroactive
pay as quickly as possible. 


While we are thrilled to be able to execute on our promises
around teacher compensation, we also remain committed to ensuring
accountability. We understand that, as it is necessary to consider
several measures when assessing our students’ academic progress, we must
also use a multi-faceted process for evaluating employee performance. 
We will continue to use multiple measures in our educator evaluation
plans for this academic year; and we hope to roll out a new and improved
approach to performance evaluation and talent development in the coming