After receiving news of a recent fatal act of violence against an IPS student and another injury by gunfire, Superintendent Lewis D. Ferebee shared an important call to action with the Indianapolis community in efforts to diminish violence among our youth.
“I am troubled about the violence that is impacting our young people. Nearly each weekend, I receive a phone call about a student, former student, nearby student – or a young person who should be enrolled in school – who was involved in a senseless act of violence,” says Ferebee.
Encouraged by discussions with other community leaders, Ferebee believes it is our responsibility [as a community] to create better educational opportunities for Indy’s youth.
“We must all own the violence that is impacting our youth. We must acknowledge that they are replicating what they see. Now is not the time for finger pointing; now is the time to work seriously and collaboratively on the issue. It is my hope that, as a community, we will rally to build solutions to this urgent problem. In doing so, we will all benefit for years to come,” says Ferebee.
The reaction to Dr. Ferebee’s words last week has been sweeping; to date, over 50 respondents have expressed interest in continuing the conversation and developing solutions. Become part of the solution! To learn of ways that you could get involved, please send an email to or call 317.226.4000. 

“We all want to see our youth thrive in an environment where they are safe and feel understood. We all agree that we must inspire them to dream, encourage them to work hard, and show them the way.” – Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee.