IMPD officers with Thomas D. Gregg employee Thomas D. Gregg School 15 and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) have a unique relationship. What started as an ordinary consultation on a committee has morphed into a full-fledged partnership.

It all began with the Safe Routes to School program, where IMPD and the Department of Public Safety worked with the students at the school on identifying alternate and safe routes whereby students could walk to school. Then IMPD started an after-school chess club, brought officers to school to have lunch with the students, spoke to classes on bullying and began actively participating in the school’s family events. Now IMPD even serves on the school’s community council.

“We’re fortunate to have a good relationship with IMPD,” Thomas D. Gregg Principal Dr. Teresa Baker said. “If we need them they come, whether it’s for chess club or having lunch with students that need additional support, they’re right there.”

Even as IMPD works tirelessly for our students, families and communities they took the time on March 10 to honor one of the staff members at Thomas D. Gregg.

IMPD East District Commander Michael Bruin and Officer Candi Perry honored Media Assistant Tabassam Masih for her dedication to helping with the school’s chess club.

Masih has been present and contributed at every chess club event since the club began last year. She gave countless hours assisting IMPD with the organization of the club, working with students and identifying ways the program could be improved to better serve the students.

“Everything she did was a great contribution to the success and continuation of the IMPD East District/Thomas D. Gregg School 15 Chess Club Program,” said Officer Perry. “We here at the IMPD East District wish there were more like her, and Commander Bruin wants to make sure that she knows her acts of kindness and contribution did not go unnoticed.”

Masih said she was “amazed” to be honored by Commander Bruin and Officer Perry, and that she just did what everyone else would have done. She quickly turns the recognition back to IMPD and credits them for their work with the students.

“They do such a wonderful job, especially with the chess program,” Masih said. “When we started, some of the students weren’t reading well but they were learning how to play chess and it helped with their reading abilities.”

“The game is complex, it challenges your mind,” Thomas D. Gregg student Ke’juan said. “We learn not only how to play chess, but what it means.”

What it means is that Thomas D. Gregg and IMPD have formed an outstanding partnership and we’re proud of the relationship they’re building with our students and staff.