Riverside School 44 is happy to have a strong partner like Indiana Members Credit Union (IMCU) for the holidays. At this time of year IMCU supports the whole Riverside community, making sure both the students and staff have something to celebrate this season.

IMCU started partnering with Riverside in 2010. They kick off each school year by providing each Riverside student with a new school uniform and pair of shoes.

But at the holidays they turn their attention to everyone at Riverside. Riverside Principal Kirshawndra Davis said, “It is an annual occurrence at Riverside that on the last day before Winter Break, in addition to giving each student a toy for Christmas, IMCU will provide every staff member a full turkey dinner!”
Mandy Emery, VP Community Involvement at IMCU said, “Each student will be given a colorful fleece scarf that was handmade by IMCU staff and a new toy. We also like to show our appreciation to the staff and teachers at Riverside by giving each of them a turkey and a bag full of items to make a holiday feast to share with their families.”

And staff and students of Riverside are overjoyed at the generosity.
Melissa Jones, a teacher at Riverside, said, “As a single parent, this gift has always made my school year. It comes at a time when you really need it and is so much appreciated. My students are so excited every year when they see my excitement on my face.”

Melissa Mullins, another Riverside teacher, reflected on the happiness the event brings her students, “For many of my students, these gifts are all the gifts they will get for Christmas. This is one of my favorite events at School 44 because for a small moment of time the children can get lost in joy of the Christmas season.”

And one of Mullins’ students noted, “It makes me happy to know that someone cares about me.” With this one event, IMCU lifts the spirits of the whole school and gives both students and staff the gifts of appreciation and care.

Speaking at last year’s event, IMCU’s CEO Ron Collier said that IMCU “believes in being a positive influence in the communities that we serve, specifically, providing school children in the Indianapolis area with the necessities essential for learning and succeeding in their education. Over the past four years we have seen the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff at Riverside and the positive influence they have had on the students.”

IMCU is truly being that positive influence for Riverside. We’re happy a partner like IMCU recognizes the value of lifting up not just the students, but the teachers and staff that serve them every day. Partners like that truly energize the entire school to succeed in the new year!