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ICYMI: ESSER Board Town Hall Video, and Presentation

On June 14-17, the IPS Board of School Commissioners hosted four district town hall meetings focused on the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, know as ESSER.

This fund, under the CARES Act, provides much needed financial support to school districts to address the impact that COVID-19 has had and continues to have on elementary and secondary schools across nation.

The purpose of the town halls — which were held virtually and in-person — was to provide a collective understanding of ESSER and gather community input around how the money can be used throughout the district.  The meetings included a review of the district’s 2025 Strategic Plan, what ESSER is, how we can use the funds, and its overall impact on the district. 

Via small breakout groups, a variety parents, staff and community members discussed ideas on how to use ESSER funds that align with the 2025 Strategic Plan. Groups worked together to identify trends. All ideas and feedback were collected for consideration by the district.

If you couldn’t attend the ESSER town halls, posted below is:

  • A video from one of the meetings.
  • Links to the PDF versions of the presentation in English and Spanish.

To watch one of the virtual ESSER town halls, please view the video below.

Please take a moment to review the PDF (see below) of the presentation!

For a deeper look at the 2025 Strategic Plan, click HERE.