By: Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee
Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week has always been a special time for recognizing the many life-changing educators in our schools. From the 1980s when Teacher Appreciation Week evolved from Teacher Appreciation Day, I will always remember my mother coming home with a bag full of new coffee mugs from her students who wanted to say thank you. What’s interesting is I never saw my mother drink a cup of coffee in my life, but she loved those mugs … and you had better not pour anything in them. Fast forwarding to my turn, I earned my first coffee mug as a first-year teacher in this special week in May when we celebrate our teachers. Like my mother, I, too, relished my thank you messages, beaming with joy. I didn’t drink coffee then, but I drink plenty now. Most importantly, I still have each mug. They represent a badge of honor for which I am most proud—I am a teacher. I have had a positive impact on a young person.

This week, I am thrilled to praise the many educators of IPS who serve tirelessly to encourage, inspire and affirm. While a week is definitely not enough to recognize the work of our teachers, it is my hope that we all celebrate our educators to the fullest this week. From cards and treats to appreciation lunches, let’s go all out this week to say thank you to our talented education professionals! They have all earned it and much more. I am certain every token of appreciation will be cherished just like those precious coffee mugs. There is nothing more gratifying than a thank you in a profession where the work is so influential and the expressions of appreciation can be limited. Please join me in celebrating our outstanding educators. I am very proud of my IPS and our amazing faculty. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!