Did you know an African American invented the traffic light? How about the gas mask and even the potato chip? Cold Spring School students have discovered all kinds of contributions to the STEM field by African Americans while researching their Living History Museum project.

Cold Spring fifth grade teacher John Stevenson and Principal Carrie Scott decided that instead of allowing students to portray any famous African American for the project, students would have to chose someone that made a contribution in STEM.

This sparked the students’ interest and made them really dive into their research.

“I like how we got to do the research and get up in front of the class and present them,”A’Naijai F. said. “It makes me feel like I can do anything.”

After researching their chosen historical figure the students drafted a presentation that they presented to their fellow schoolmates and teachers at Cold Spring.

“Students never knew that so many inventions came from African Americans,” Stevenson said. “It’s been great seeing them get excited when they learn about all the great contributions to STEM.”

We’re proud of our students for taking a deeper look into STEM History!

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