Kim Schmitt, a parent of two students at Center for Inquiry
School 84 is a prime example of an active and supportive parent who deserves a
little praise this Mother’s Day weekend.


By planning social events for students, organizing trips to Washington
D.C. for upperclassmen and being an overall supportive rock in the CFI 84
community, Mrs. Schmitt goes above and beyond for her own kids and for all of
the school’s students.


“She thinks beyond the experiences for her own children and
truly cares about the experiences of all students,” says CFI 84 Principal
Christine Collier.


Every second Sunday in May, people across the nation
celebrate Mother’s Day by showering their mom (or mother-like figure) with
love, gifts and affection.  At IPS, we
treat this holiday as an opportunity to recognize our moms who unselfishly give
of their time and service.


However, that time and service doesn’t always mean being
physically active in the classrooms.


“A supportive parent can read their child’s reports and talk
to them and listen to the successes and concerns of their student,” says


Moms throughout our district put in countless hours of
volunteer time and truly support our students with each and every endeavor,
project and homework assignment.


Today, we offer an early thank you to all of you!