Nashalie R.,
the 2015 valedictorian from George Washington Community High School, is a hard
worker. She knows nothing in life is easy, and if you want something, you have
to “go get it.”

During her
time at George Washington, Nashalie was a leader academically and athletically.
She was a member of the girls’ volleyball team and the girls’ soccer team.
There was nothing Nashalie could not do, including working a part-time job
while being a model student and athlete.

will be attending IUPUI in the fall of 2015 where she will major in Pharmacy.
It is no surprise given her work ethic that she will be working part-time while
being a full-time student.

“You have to
make smart decisions and visualize your future,” she said. “Do what it takes to
obtain your goals and do not make excuses.”

She credits
IPS for having extraordinary teachers that are willing to offer the necessary assistance
so each student can learn and be successful. Stacey Byerly, Instructional
Coach, was her favorite teacher because during her four years at George
Washington, Byerly kept her on track and was always there to help or “lend an

Bostic, who was Nashalie’s Guidance Counselor, said, “Nashalie is a great hard-working
role model and leader. We are glad to have had her. She will be missed.”

However, just because she knows the value of hard
work, doesn’t mean Nashalie never gets frustrated. “I learned that it’s okay to be stubborn, it’s okay to express
frustration, and it is okay to cry because at the end anything that helps you
feel better and drives you to be successful it is okay,” she said.

The quote Nashalie lives by is from Albert Einstein: “The world as
we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without
changing our thinking.” Nashalie is an inspiration to us all and we wish her