Every Tuesday and Thursday students from Chris Boylan’s class at George Washington Community High School volunteer at the IndyHumane Animal Welfare Center.

The students feed the animals, do laundry, take out the recycling and complete other tasks as needed. But it’s more than volunteering for these students. They’re learning important life skills.

“This is an important project because it allows my students to build and expand on a variety of skills,” Boylan said. “Things such as responsibility, accountability, completing a job, following a schedule and time management. These are skills that only get better the more they can practice them in the real world.”

Jennifer, one of the student volunteers, has several pets at home, and she enjoys helping out, especially feeding the cats “so they have something to eat.”

The Animal Welfare Center offers low-cost vaccinations for dogs and cats, along with spay/neuter services. The clinic also provides pet-care resources for feral cats, pit bulls and chained dogs via their outreach education program and partner groups.

Along with helping out around the clinic, the student volunteers learn about the responsibilities of pet-ownership – getting vaccinations, the importance of spaying/neutering and more.

The students get to have fun, too – playing with the resident cats, Monday and Wednesday, and even one time assisting (let’s be real, playing) with puppies that were brought in.

IndyHumane employees love having the students around. One employee said, “The​y’re amazing! Just the little tasks they do help so much.”

We’re proud of our George Washington students for stepping up and lending a “paw” in their neighborhood!