Emily Butler, George Washington Community High School Principal, Contributing Writer

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

When students entered the halls of George Washington Community High School on Monday, November 16th, they were greeted by 39 new and inspiring wall graphics through partnership with the Marketing Operations team at Eli Lilly and Company as well as two of their partners; Miles Printing and Weber Design.Volunteers and the school’s custodians were busy hanging them throughout the weekend in order to surprise students and staff on Monday. These striking, inspirational and George Washington-branded graphics transformed the halls with quotes from the likes of Cesar Chavez, Maya Angelou, Gandhiand Martin Luther King Jr., just to name a few.  Quotes are displayed in both Spanish and English. Several graphics also display the George Washington High School logo and fight song. 

Principal, Emily Butler, who worked with Lilly to acquire these amazing additions to the building, looks forward to sharing this space with our IPS families and community members.  

“This is an amazing opportunity! Our students deserve a building as nice as the Lilly technology center and any school in Indiana.  Our students and teachers deserve the very best space to work and learn.  I’m especially excited with the way these quotes reflect how much the school welcomes and values our diverse student population,” says Principal Butler.

The work and generosity of Eli Lilly continued into the teacher’s lounge and professional learning space with new comfortable chairs, a new coffee and tea station, and modern, stainless steel microwaves.  Staff member, Andrea Beverly, said of the enhancements to the building, “When I walked in on Monday, I was so amazed—wow!  Everything is just so nice. I‘m so appreciative of Lilly; they have really, really done an excellent job.  It’s a great inspiration for our kids!  And I was so happy when I saw the Keurig machine!”

Local families and community partners were able to see the transformation firsthand at the annual George Washington Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 19th. This was the seventh annual Thanksgiving Dinner at George Washington; the event feeds more than 300 families every year.  

Also at the dinner, the school gave out more than 50 Thanksgiving baskets to its families, more than tripling the number the school has given out in previous years.

Veteran George Washington teacher, Sandy Austin, says, The George Washington Thanksgiving Dinner definitely ranks high among our favorite traditions. Our entire school community comes together for a relaxing evening of fellowship and food!”