Food for thought infographic Deborah Black, Parent Involvement Educator Coordinator at Indianapolis Public Schools sums up the need for food pantries nicely, “It doesn’t matter the weather or the season, families need food, and it’s welcoming when a school can provide that necessity.”

Every single school in the district offers food to families in some capacity. Twenty-four schools across the district operate food pantries; there are 35 schools distributing food on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to families.

The newest school to add a food pantry to their list of services is George S. Buck School 94 on the east side.

“The quest to open the food pantry at our school began as a dream,” Parent Involvement Educator Tina Flynn said.

The needs in the George S. Buck community have doubled in the three years Flynn has been with the school, and the requests for a food pantry or food distribution have grown in the last year. The school’s community location is also hindered by a lack of accessible and reliable transportation.

“Therefore, understanding the need and the value we have for our families, we felt it necessary to have a pantry available to them,” Flynn said, “a pantry that would be easily accessed and available as needed for the entire family.”

Flynn’s dream has now become a reality thanks to Buckingham Companies, a property management company located downtown.

Over a period of several days Buckingham Companies transformed an empty storage room into a fully-stocked food pantry.

“More than 50 volunteers and donors appreciated the opportunity to give back to the community in such a hands-on way,” Theresa Rhodes, Executive Director, Buckingham Foundation, said. “We were honored to positively impact the lives of hundreds of children and their families.”

“We are so grateful to have a partner who recognizes the needs of our students,” George S. Buck Principal Dr. Edward Brown said. “We are honored to be able to provide such a service to our students and their families.”

Dr. Brown’s vision includes not only George S. Buck staff serving in the food pantry but also students.

“This provides a space in which our students can experience how to serve, as they will be full participants in working and serving in the Food Pantry,” Dr. Brown said. “We are truly grateful for this opportunity to demonstrate good stewardship with what has been given to us.”

The Buckingham Food Pantry will officially open on March 23, 2015, with a ribbon-cutting event, hosted by the school and Buckingham Foundation.

We’re proud to be a district that serves the entire family and we are excited for the newest addition to our food pantry list!