Nicole Fama, new George H. Fisher principal Indianapolis Public Schools is proud to welcome the newest
administrator to our team, Nicole Fama! Ms. Fama is excited to lead George H.
Fisher School 93 starting in the fall of 2015.

Ms. Fama brings a wealth of district, education and innovation
experience to the role. She has been an IPS teacher since 2004 at various
levels (third, sixth and eighth grades and Title I) and was a Hubbard Top 10
Outstanding Educator in 2014.

She has been a Dean of Student Discipline for six years. During
this time, she was part of the team at Arlington Woods School 99 that piloted
Project: RESTORE, an IPS teacher-created school model that focuses on frequent
testing and consistent discipline to increase student achievement. She created,
wrote and coordinated all discipline policies and procedures under the new
program. She has gone on to build positive student, parent and community
relationships to sustain the academic results Project: RESTORE creates.

Ms. Fama said, “I am excited for the students, parents and
teachers at George H. Fisher to share in the experience of becoming a Project:
RESTORE school. I firmly believe that all children deserve a quality education
and are capable of achieving great things. Project: RESTORE will provide our
students with a rigorous curriculum, fair and consistent discipline and rewards
for academic growth, individual effort and improvements in behavior. I
have high expectations for all of the students at George H. Fisher and feel
lucky to share in their educational experience and future success.”

Dr. Ve-Lecia Council, Academic Improvement Officer over the East
Learning Community of IPS, said, “Nicole Fama was selected as the next
principal of George H. Fisher for being a member of the Project Restore team.
We look forward to Ms. Fama and her Project Restore team providing George H. Fisher
with structure, staff professional development and increased student

We’re happy to welcome Principal
Nicole Fama to George H. Fisher!