The classrooms of Gambold Preparatory High School will be empty September 5th and 8th – but the students aren’t skipping class! Gambold Prep’s traveling classroom is headed to Butler University for a unique learning experience.

During the high school’s inaugural year, math teacher John Riley proposed the idea of a traveling classroom. He proposed holding classes in a public space rather than disrupting the usual schedule with a field trip. The location of the site is carefully selected to incorporate into the lesson plans of each teacher. Some classes will even have Butler professors helping out with lectures and other educational opportunities.

“We believe that education is not a singular place, but a habit of mind,” says Principal Shane O’Day. “By providing an educational experience in a variety of learning environments, we prepare our scholars to seek engagement and embrace educational growth.”

Gambold Prep students have previously attended traveling classroom days at the Indianapolis State Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indiana Statehouse, and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This is a unique opportunity for our students to have a new educational experience, and we know they’ll represent Indianapolis Public Schools well as they visit Butler!