The IPS Board of Commissioners will hold a work session and an action session on Monday, Nov. 9, at the IPS Education Center. 


There are two items on the work session agenda:


1)      Next steps on student-based budget allocations.

2)      Next steps on Autonomy & Innovation framework.


There is one item on the action session agenda:


1)      School reconfigurations: the relocation of the K-8 IPS Visual & Performing Arts Magnet from Meredith Nicholson School #70 to Thomas Edison School #47 and the creation of a K-5 IPS Center for Inquiry IV to be located at Meredith Nicholson School #70.


The action session will include public comment at beginning of the meeting.


Those wishing to comment at Monday’s meeting can sign up now through Sunday, Nov. 8, at 12 pm ET. People can sign up by e-mailing, calling 317-226-4418 or using the online signup feature click here