Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz recently visited Francis W. Parker School 56 for a very special celebration, as the
school received a National Title I Distinguished School honor! Each year since 1996, the
National Title I Association has highlighted excellent Title I schools for
national recognition.


Schools may qualify
in one of two ways: through exceptional student performance for two or more
consecutive years or by closing the achievement gap between student groups.
Francis W. Parker was selected for exceptional student performance.


“That means you did
the work,” Ritz said to students at the assembly celebrating their honor.


During the
assembly, student groups used presentations to explain to Superintendent Ritz,
family members and their fellow scholars why they’re proud to be in a public
Montessori school.


“At our school,
kids may work at their own level at their own pace,” said Rachel H. “We
scholars in the higher grade levels love that we are able to help teach younger
ones. Actually, even first-graders may be able to teach other children. The
reason is because we value independence…we love our hands-on work! We also get
to experience leadership, which leads to friendships.”


“I like art because
you can always try new things, and I feel like a leader when I can help
people,” said Keyonica J. “This gave me confidence in myself; this is why art
is important to me”


“It was evident
with your presentations today,” said Ritz, “you students take ownership of your


In addition to
bragging rights and an invitation to present at the Indiana Title I Conference
and attend the National Title I Conference, Francis W. Parker will receive a
$25,000 award to be used toward student learning.


“Our scholars are
the ones who do the work,” said Principal Christine Rembert. “My heart is very
full; I am proud and privileged to work with the staff at Francis W. Parker. It
is a blessing to be able to be alongside them. Our staff and students make
great things happen here!”


Please join us in
congratulating the students and staff of Francis W. Parker on this prestigious