proudly offers a wide range of schools and programs to families and communities
in Indianapolis. With 60 schools in the district, there is an IPS school to fit
the needs of all families.


our 19 magnet/choice programs is a school focused on providing a unique
learning experience by challenging a student’s character, academic prowess and
physical, mental, social and emotional health – known as the Paideia model.


Pyle School 90, tucked away on the westside of Indianapolis, serves children in
Grades K-6 using this model. Within the walls of this building, you’ll discover highly
academic-focused classroom environments that help boost a students’ confidence
and desire to learn. In addition to teaching basic skills and content areas,
students develop intellectual self-reliance and discipline; personal habits
that foster lifelong learning. 


Although the magnet application window has closed at Ernie
Pyle, Principal Valerie Allen said there are still a few seats available
for parents interested in having their children nurtured under the Paideia


Shonda Ware, a proud IPS parent, currently has four scholars
within our district, including three who attend Ernie Pyle.


“I’m proud of the solid education that my children are
receiving,” said Ware. “The Paideia model focuses on respect. I can see a
difference in the communication skills of my kids. The program teaches them how
to be respectful and how to listen and communicate with their peers, even when
they don’t agree.”


Between the helpful staff and the effective teaching at Ernie
Pyle, the Ware family couldn’t be happier.


“[The staff at Ernie Pyle] are helping to develop lifelong
skills that will see students all the way through, from middle school to
college by setting a solid educational foundation – preparing them for the
workforce even at the primary school level,” said Ware.


The dedicated educators and staff of Ernie Pyle understand
that in order for our youth to thrive, they each must be challenged on various
levels. Collaborative and open-ended dialogue about a specific subject or topic
increases a students understanding of ideas and concepts. A major component of
the Paideia teaching model is Socratic seminars, which makes up roughly 15 to 20
percent of instructional time. Each seminar nurtures a student’s intellectual
and social skills by teaching them to speak and listen with respectful dialogue.


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“The Ernie Pyle family is a group of caring,
dedicated and supportive educators with high expectations for our
students. We believe that our success stems from our committed and
knowledgeable staff and the supportive parents who trust us to educate their
children,” said Allen. “At Ernie Pyle, our core values are Positive attitude, Respect,
Integrity, Determination and Excellence
(PRIDE). Our school community works collaboratively to ensure that each student
achieves their highest level of success.”


interested in learning more about Ernie Pyle School 90 or the Paideia teaching
model can call 317.226.4290. We encourage interested parents to visit our website to
fill out a magnet/choice application or contact our helpful Enrollment and
Options team at 317.226.4000 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday–Friday.