Lemonade stands are a longstanding
institution in many neighborhoods; kids have been using them to raise a little
extra cash for decades. Our young lemonade sellers are bucking tradition and
learning a LOT about business for Lemonade
Day Indianapolis


Last year marked the beginning of a districtwide
implementation of Lemonade Day’s entrepreneurial curriculum. Students in
schools across our district participate in online business and economics
activities highlighting the various aspects of running a lemonade stand.
Students collaborate to set goals, create advertising campaigns, assign roles
and determine which community organization will receive the benefit of their
stand’s profits. Teachers are able to access the Lemonade Day programs to track
students’ progress and encourage continued expansion and development of their
business plans.


Lemonade Day in Indianapolis is Saturday,
May 21. Many of our schools, however, will kick off the celebration with events
on May 20, so be on the lookout for a lemonade stand at a school near you.


You can support our
youngest entrepreneurs by visiting a lemonade stand later this month — you’ll
help to build their business confidence while contributing to a good cause!