In September we brought you the story of Jamie Wolf’s Project Lead the Way Principles of Biomedical Science class at Arsenal Technical High School. Students were investigating the death of Anna Garcia.

Using evidence found at the crime scene and an autopsy report, they determined she died of natural causes, possibly from complications with Type I Diabetes. Now that the students have this information, they’re digging deeper into what could have prevented Ms. Garcia’s untimely demise.

Wolf’s students have determined that Anna was not the healthiest of people. They’re testing different foods found in Anna’s food diary to see the various levels of glucose (sugar), proteins, lipids (fat) and starch found in each.

Students tested crackers, fruit, donuts and even Flaming Hot Cheetos to determine the levels of the different substances.

Students were surprised at what was actually in the foods they eat on a normal basis, although most said it wouldn’t deter them.

“There are more lipids than we think in these foods and that’s bad,” Feliciea said. “I don’t think we’ll pay attention to that though.”

As the students watched the food reactions and saw the samples turn colors, it was a visual reminder of what goes into their bodies.

“With this lab the students get to see what they’re eating,” Wolf said. “Especially the Cheetos. It’s not just English or Math; this shows them something they’re actually interested in.”

The students agreed they learned a lot in this lab, but as Karrisa sums up, “I’m still going to eat hot Cheetos.”

We may not be able to keep the Arsenal Tech Titans from their Flaming Hot Cheetos, but they can at least learn about their effects!