When John Marshall Community High School Assistant
Principal Angela Denman begins her new job, she won’t have to travel far. In
fact, she’ll be moving from her office in the back of the school building on
East 38th Street to a more visible spot in the front office.



Denman will officially become the new interim
principal of John Marshall on July 1, 2016.



She joins three other IPS employees and
one non-district hire who also have been promoted to principal or interim
principal for the 2016–2017 school year.New Principals



Denman, a graduate of Ball State
University and Indiana Wesleyan University, has been at John Marshall for almost 12 years: four as assistant principal and nearly eight as
a social studies teacher. Even with that longevity, she is filled with emotion
about her new role.



“I am excited and a little nervous, but I
feel comfortable with what’s about to happen,” said Denman, who has been with
IPS for about 19 years. “It’s just that I’m excited about where John Marshall
is getting ready to go. But also with that anticipation, it just makes me
tingle. … John Marshall has been where I have gotten all kinds of experience.
So this is actually where I feel most at home. I have such a passion for the
students on the Eastside, and this is a perfect fit for me.”



In addition to Denman, IPS has also
promoted or hired the following educators as principals:


Stacy Coleman, current assistant
principal at James A. Garfield School 31, has been promoted to principal at William
McKinley School 39
. A graduate of
Michigan State University and Ball State University, Coleman has taught in both
the Fort Wayne, Ind., and Pike Township school systems.

Daria Parham, current assistant
principal at Arlington Woods School 99, has been
promoted to principal of Paul I. Miller School 114. A
graduate of Broad Ripple High School, Parham has been an IPS educator since
2004. She was a fourth-grade teacher at Theodore Potter School 74 for 10 years
before becoming an assistant principal. Parham is a graduate of Indiana
University, Bloomington.

Bakari Posey, current assistant
principal at Tindley Renaissance Academy, has been named principal of James
Whitcomb Riley School 43
. A newcomer to
IPS, Posey has held teaching and administrative positions at various schools
throughout Indianapolis, including Charles A. Tindley Accelerated Schools and Cathedral
High School. He is a graduate of Miami University (Ohio) and Butler University.

Kathryn Lause, current assistant
principal at Rousseau McClellan School 91, moves to
principal of the school. She has served as assistant principal at Rousseau
McClellan since 2014 and has taught in her home state of Illinois. Lause is a
graduate of Butler University, Concordia University and Olivet Nazarene

Ross Pippin took over as
interim principal at Thomas D. Gregg School 15 during the
second semester of this year. He will continue in that role for the 2016–2017
school year. Pippin has served the Thomas Gregg family since 2008, where he
began as a special education teacher and then as assistant principal. He is a
graduate of Indiana State University and the University of Indianapolis.



“It is truly an honor to have been
selected as the next school leader at Thomas D. Gregg,” said Pippin. “To be
able to continue to serve the wonderful students and families of the community
is really what makes me smile. I bring to the school a unique perspective of
the last eight to nine years. … I am excited for the future of the



Having several IPS educators moving up
within the district is a plus for students, staff and faculty, as well as the
school system.



“They already have been working with us
on the framework we use for instruction and they’re familiar with all of the integral
parts for management within the system,” said Greg Newlin, Enrollment and
Options officer. “They know all the players, so their learning curve is going
to be shorter. And they’ve been able to work under some really strong
leadership to understand the new IPS and to understand what their high
expectations are as they take over that building.”



Strong leadership is one of the things
Denman credits in her recent appointment.


The leadership (at John Marshall) has
definitely supported me in moving forward. Dr. (Ashauna) Short has given much
guidance from her leadership and I’ve learned a lot being under her leadership,”
said Denman.  “Also Dr. (Wanda) Legrand
and her team. The support that I’ve gotten from all of the leadership above Dr.
Short has been exceptional as well.”



Newlin said each of the new principals
has shown both a commitment to students and education. Their diverse
backgrounds — from race to gender — are a win for the entire district.



“I just think that it’s important for
kids to see people who look like them and see people who are successful
(models) and can show them that they’re not limited in anything that they do,”
said Newlin. “We have some great people who come from diverse backgrounds and
we want to make sure that we’re able to show that to our kids and keep that in
front of our kids. When we have diverse backgrounds, we can touch everybody. It
gives kids a broader lens to look through.”



The IPS family would like to congratulate
these educators on their new appointments, as well as their accomplishments. We
are so proud of them and look forward to the continued success of their school