The return from fall break marked the beginning of an exciting opportunity for IPS students; Simon Youth Academy at Circle Centre (SYA) is now in session! 25 students are enrolled in this innovative program, which utilizes a blended learning model (in-person and online instruction) and a state-of-the-art facility to ensure these juniors and seniors graduate on time. Along the way, students are trained in commercial photography and digital marketing to get a head start in these popular career fields.
Students met in their brand-new space for the first time on Tuesday. They spent the morning getting to know their classmates, teachers, and school Coordinator Teresa James-Robinson. Students and staff discussed their goals for this exciting first year and ways they plan to collaborate to support success for all as everyone works together toward graduation.
We are so thrilled about the positive energy and innovative spirit of SYA – check out some photos from the first day below:

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