Jan. 20, 2017


By Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee 

IPS Superintendent 
As the first month of 2017 draws to a
close, it is always exciting to see a new program flourish and new educators
grow in their craft. FerebeesFinds Each week, I enjoy visiting
schools and observing the efforts of talented instructors. During these visits,
I also endeavor to identify opportunities for enhancements. A front-row seat in
our schools is vital to guiding districtwide school improvement.


Recently, I had the
pleasure of observing several things that are encouraging; below are my notes.


Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School


  • Proud to watch two
    early career teachers, Tyler Rogers (English 10) and Morgan Cooksey (U.S.
    History), deliver very engaging instruction and implementing “check for
    understanding” practices.
  • Very
    pleased with the probing questions from teachers to challenge the thinking of
    our students.
  • Evidence of a clear
    focus on teacher mentoring.
  • Students are
    encouraged to support each other through peer learning. A formal peer learning
    model will be launched to advance student learning.
  • Staff, in
    collaboration with community partners, will implement enhanced career pathways:
    1. Nursing 2. Biomedical Sciences (Project Lead The Way) 3. Health Informatics
    4. Physical Therapy.



Global Preparatory Academy at Riverside 44


  • This first-year
    Spanish Immersion program is exhibiting indicators of great promise. Students
    are excited about developing bilingualism and biliteracy skills.
  • Impressive
    student leadership is promoted and exercised to serve others; student leaders
    have the opportunity to earn paraphernalia.
  • Results
    from assessments are shared with students to build ownership.
  • Flexible
    grouping is evident to customize acceleration and remediation efforts. Great to
    see all staff members lead flexible groups, administrators included.
  • Teachers
    are analyzing data to inform instruction and interventions.
  • In
    the lower grades, there is an average adult-to-student ratio of 15-to-1 to
    personalize learning.



I look forward to
experiencing how several of our other schools are utilizing data, maximizing
talent and engaging in thoughtful planning activities to ensure a successful
second semester.