IPS is pleased to announce that we’re continuing our efforts to become a leaner, more efficient organization by liquidating surplus property. Today, January 22, 2016, we issued a notice of sale for our Service Center for the Indianapolis Public Schools (also known as SCIPS) with related bid process documentation for this highly sought after 11-acre property, conveniently nestled in thriving downtown Indianapolis.
The IPS Real Estate Advisory Committee – a team of local experts who are invested in the city of Indianapolis – has provided guidance to interested development teams over recent months to help ensure that potential plans align with the district’s efforts to strategically provide better service to our community. Bid submissions are due on February 11. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the IPS Real Estate website for more information and timely updates on new developments.

The Committee will review received bids and then make a recommendation to the IPS administration and the Board of School Commissioners that is based on alignment with district goals for property sales – which include various criteria that would prevent automatic selection of the bid offering the highest purchase price. The Committee is set to present a recommendation at the February 25 Board Action Session.