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Extreme Heat Tips and Resources

In response to the extreme heat, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is actively reviewing and adjusting policies, procedures, and facilities to ensure that district staff are equipped to handle extreme heat events effectively.

The district has implemented comprehensive strategies that include closely monitoring and optimizing ventilation systems, adjusting scheduling to avoid peak heat times, providing access to hydration stations, and closely monitoring students and staff for signs of heat-related distress.

We have provided these suggestions for schools:

  • Adjust blinds to deflect the sun and heat
  • Utilize ceiling fans and other types of fans
  • Provide extra water and water breaks, allow water bottles
  • Move children to cooler areas when space is available
  • Limit athletics and restrict outdoor activities (moving practices indoors if possible)
  • Relax dress code appropriately

Guidance for parents:

  • Dress your child in cool, light weight clothing
  • Make sure your child is hydrated and has adequate rest
  • Avoid hot foods and heavy meals – they add heat to the body IPS remains dedicated to providing a safe, conducive, and inclusive learning environment.

We appreciate the support of our community and remain steadfast in our commitment to adapting to the challenges presented by changing weather patterns.

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