Are you an elementary school
administrator looking to bring share your experience and passion for innovative
educational experiences to meet the unique needs of Gifted and Talented
students ? Now is your chance to join teamIPS in a highly coveted role as the
Principal of Merle Sidener Academy for High Ability Students! Sidener Academy
is a National Blue Ribbon School with a history of excellence, and Indianapolis
Public Schools is seeking an enthusiastic leader
for this remarkable school.


We are looking for an engaging and experienced
educator who is ready to lead our Gifted 2nd through 8th grade
students, their teachers and support staff through the exciting
next chapter of Sidener Academy’s story. Candidates must have an administrative
license, along with at least three (3) years of teaching experience and
demonstrate effectiveness in an administrative or supervisory role. A Gifted
and Talented Endorsement and a track record of successful experiences working
with a diverse population of students and faculty are required to be considered
for this leadership role in our vibrant community.

 Curriculum and Instruction responsibilities


  • Providing leadership and support to
    develop, implement, evaluate and monitor gifted and talented education
  • Possessing considerable knowledge
    of current research, theory, principles and practices within the Gifted and
    Talented Education area with an emphasis on research-based interventions, including
    the Response to Intervention (RTI) model, continuous educational improvement,
    professional development, and program administration
  • Nurturing creativity in all aspects
    of thinking, feeling, intuiting, and expressing talent through products
  • Providing the necessary leadership
    to ensure school success, as measured by the IPS and Indiana standards for
  • Developing and implementing a
    school-wide evaluation program that consists of varied methods of assessment
  • Possessing knowledge and
    understanding of the cognitive, social, and emotional characteristics, needs,
    and problems found in gifted students as a result of their atypical mental



Management responsibilities include:


  • Fostering a school climate which
    ensures school-based decision making
  • Developing and implementing a
    school schedule that meets both the elementary and secondary level of
    instructional needs
  • Programming classes within
    established guides to meet student needs
  • Supervising all professional,
    paraprofessional, administrative, and non-professional personnel attached to
    the school
  • Serving as a member of the school
    team, which is made up of the principal and classroom teacher, communicating
    frequently and regularly with parents/guardians of the students
  • Engaging families and community
    members in the educational process and creating an environment in which
    community resources support student learning and achievement
  • Serving as a positive force in
    establishing and sustaining a collaborative environment to promote learning and
    achievement of students through regular observation and monitoring of teachers


Communication and Community Engagement
responsibilities include:


  • Establishing and maintaining strong
    and favorable relationships with local community groups and individuals
  • Communicating skillfully with
    students, staff members, and central office personnel concerning problems and
    progress in the school
  • Creating an environment in which
    the gifted can use their strengths, explore their personal and interpersonal
    development, risk new areas of thought and action and feel challenged.
  • Encouraging in gifted learners a
    sense of social awareness and commitment to humanity and to their environment
    and a respect for the worth and dignity of others



If you’re a positive, motivating and accomplished school
leader who’s ready to bring your “do whatever it
takes” attitude to a school with a proven track record, submit an application
today! Click here to
learn more about this exciting opportunity to join teamIPS!