Christine Collier In her continued service to the district, Center for Inquiry Instructional Model Founder and current CFI School 84 Principal Christine Collier is set to open the fourth school location for the 2016-2017 school year!


To meet the growing demand for seats in Indianapolis Public Schools’ Center for Inquiry program, Mary E. Nicholson School 70 will become a CFI next school year. District leadership and the CFI administrative team agreed it would be best to have a current CFI principal lead the new site, bringing a new leader to one of our existing CFI schools. With 16 years of service as a CFI principal – 10 of those years at CFI 84 – Collier has been recommended to lead the district’s newest CFI.


“The response [from many parents] has been overwhelming with support, stating they are sad to see me go but know that this is what is needed to make School 70 a CFI and how much they want [the school] to succeed,” said Collier. “Their response is ‘this makes sense,’ ‘bittersweet,’ ‘sad but understand and know it is what is right.’ I told them…I am close by and the team of four CFI principals will be working hand-in-hand so that all our schools are great places for their children.”


Collier will remain principal at CFI 84 through this school year; once a new principal is selected, the candidate will work alongside her at CFI 84 in preparation for the transition. The interview process is already underway, and an announcement will be made when the selection is made from our promising pool of candidates.


We look forward to the exciting future in store for our CFI program!