Indiana Fever Guard Erica Wheeler surprised a group of
fourth- through sixth-grade girls at Elder W. Diggs School 42 with a visit on August
23, 2016.Erica Wheeler


Wheeler talked to the students about her life as a
professional basketball player, growing up in Miami and attending Rutgers
University. She also talked about the path she took to become a WNBA player,
including some of the obstacles she had to overcome.


“Sometimes life was rough growing up,” Wheeler told the
girls, who were gathered inside the school’s gymnasium. “But I didn’t let that
stop me from achieving my goals. And you can’t let rough patches stop you.”


Wheeler was able to capture the students’ attention
throughout her 60-minute conversation, which included lots of questions from
the girls about life in general, school and more. The students even convinced
Wheeler to show off a few of her dance moves.


“I just wanted to talk to the kids, to let them know that
they can reach their dreams but they have to work hard to make it happen,” said


The event ended with Wheeler posing for a few pictures with students
and passing out signed autograph photos. She also gave a nod to the Indiana
Fever in the video below.