Indianapolis Public Schools is committed to ensuring safety
for all students and understands that this assurance to our families will
include similarities and differences in safety plans for elementary and
secondary schools. All IPS principals attended their monthly meeting this week,
and elementary school leaders discussed successful components of their
individual school safety and supervision plans. They shared trends they’ve
noticed and ideas for addressing them. It’s important to ensure district and
site-specific safety standards are in place at all of our schools to provide
students with a secure and productive learning environment.

“We’re on duty all the time,” Academic Improvement Officer
(AIO) Greg Newlin told principals. “You’ve got to be on active duty all of the
time.” From school bus and car rider duty to the lunchroom and recess, there
are plenty of opportunities for principals to have a supervision plan in
place…by staff member, by hallway, every day.

elementary principals are now reviewing and updating their supervision plans;
they will share the latest versions with our AIOs, who will compare best practices
to increase efficiency and effectiveness among all of our schools. We are proud
of our school leaders for their continued commitment to our students and staff!