Eighth Grader Turns Service Project into Bike to School Day What started as a social action service project for Center for Inquiry School 84 eighth grader Evan Horn soon morphed into a four-year display of leadership, community service and health advocacy.

When Horn was in fifth grade, he began working with the Indianapolis Bicycle Community Advocacy Group (INDYCOG) to promote biking in his school. INDYCOG told him about Bike to School Day and how Horn should register his school to participate.

Horn got right to work. He signed up his school, called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) to see if officers could assist and lead bike trains, solidified bike routes and meeting spots and then watched the whole event come together.

“I really like seeing the turn out,” Horn said. “It keeps getting bigger. The first year we had around 100 kids bike to school. The next year we had 200! It’s been great to see it grow every year.”

According to data from IPS Transportation, CFI 84 averages 50 walkers and bike riders per day at the school. That number increases with events like Bike to School Day.

This is Horn’s last year at CFI 84, but he hopes to continue the project as he transitions to Shortridge High School for his freshman year. For now his sister Abigail will carry on the tradition at CFI 84.

“Biking is good for the environment, the neighborhood and Indianapolis,” Abigail Horn said. “More people are participating every year, and I hope that by the time I’m doing this next year there are even more!”

Principal Christine Collier loves what Horn has done with this project and says the students and school community get so excited for the event each year.

“I love that we’re promoting biking for our kids,” Collier said. “It’s such a great way to get exercise. Biking in the morning gets your brain going, so the kids are ready to learn!”

Horn and his family ride their bikes all the time, and he encourages others to take advantage of the many trails, like the Monon and Cultural, that crisscross through the city.

“You get a great sense of community to see how many people are out riding their bikes in the city,” Horn said.

We’re proud of the Horns and excited to see this project expand at CFI 84 and for it to blossom at Shortridge.