On January 23, 2015, Indianapolis Public Schools will host the annual Spelling Bee. Students from across the district will flock to the John Morton-Finney Center for Education Services to spell their way to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.

Each participating IPS school will bring their Spelling Bee winner to compete on Friday, with the top 18 spellers moving onto the county Spelling Bee at IUPUI later this month.

George Buck School 94 winner Arrieon A. has been preparing for the Spelling Bee since last year!

​”I have prepared for the IPS district Spelling Bee in many ways,” Arrieon said. “First, I went over every Language’s Spelling Tip. Then, I went over all the words from Latin-Spanish. Lastly, the only thing different this time is me going over the vocabulary words and their definitions.”

Jonathan Jennings School 109 Spelling Bee winner Joshua A. has worked hard over the years to improve his grades, and now he’s proud to represent his school at the district level!

“I’m excited because it’s a very big thing going against a lot of smart kids,and I like the challenge,” Joshua said. “My mom has been quizzing me, and I have been writing the words and saying the letters as I write them.”

This devotion shows in Joshua’s schoolwork as well.

“He comes to class prepared and ready to learn, and his hard work has led him to High Honor Roll for both quarters,” Joshua’s teacher Stephanie Smith said. “I am very proud of Joshua and how far he has come this school year!”

We’re P-R-O-U-D of all the school Spelling Bee winners and can’t wait to crown the district winner on Friday!