Indianapolis Public Schools is proud to say we’re getting noticed
for our positive discipline efforts. Dr. Cynthia Jackson, IPS Positive
Discipline Coordinator, was invited to present on July 16 at the Indiana Black
Expo Eighth Annual Education Conference.

Her presentation, entitled “The ABCs of RTI,” covered the basics of
the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework, which promotes preventing student
failure and responding to students’ academic and behavioral needs. Dr. Jackson
has implemented this framework in the district.

Prior to the conference, she said, “I am hoping to provide participants
with an understanding of RTI and the importance of this process for supporting
student success, especially for struggling learners who need support before
they fail.”

She believes in the RTI framework because it:

  • Promotes early intervention/prevention
  • Implements a tiered system of supports (not one
    size fits all)

  • Links academic achievement with behavioral
    growth and development

She sees RTI as a best practice that “will positively impact
student achievement and success. It is one means for building supports that
will help us reduce suspensions and time away from instruction for students.”

We’re happy Dr. Jackson is being recognized for her great work and
has helped make IPS an example of positive discipline strategies to share with
a larger audience!