Harshman Magnet Middle School students work on their robot. Build, rebuild, build again. It’s the process that the middle school and high school robotics teams across the district have taken to get their robots just right.

Over 15 IPS middle and high school teams will compete at the City of Indianapolis Robotics Competition on Saturday, November 15 and Sunday, November 16 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Gambold Preparatory Magnet High School has been working on two different robot designs for their competition. More experienced students are developing one robot for the competition, while the other is being used as an educational robot to introduce newer students to robotics and engineering concepts.

“It is neat to see,” says Bill Campbell, Gambold Robotics Coach of the educational robot. “I will be excited to see the completion of this robot and hope the students learn a lot from it.”

Students at Harshman Magnet Middle School are doing something similar. When Longfellow Magnet Middle School and Harshman merged this year it also merged the robotics program, meaning their program has two robots.

The core group of students in the club is all seventh graders, with one exception. Kelly C. is the only eighth grader and the only girl in the Harshman Robotics club. Club advisors say she’s been an incredible asset to the club. Kelly participated in robotics last year and has been able to help a great deal with troubleshooting.

Kelly says the boys in the club tend to “listen to themselves” when it comes to the robot, but that she’s enjoyed working with them.

““My favorite part is building the robot with everyone,” says Kelly. “I like to work with the different parts and see everything coming together.”

Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School Robotics club also relies on the expertise of former club members. Currently, former student volunteers are working with the club to help perfect their design and strategy.

As student Zacharie Z. from Gambold Prep says, it’s not just the building and programming the robot that’s enjoyable.

“Robotics is a also a chance for friends to cooperate on a project with a distinct goal and outcome,” says Zacharie.

We’re proud of our students working together on these robots. We wish them all the luck as they compete this weekend!