Summer school at Indianapolis Public Schools Raymond F.
Brandes School 65 is teaching students more than just math and reading this
year. Thanks to a Federal Title I Department of Education school transformation
grant, they have provided students with three weeks of classes focusing on both
standards and additional enrichment!

This is the second year of the three-year grant, and this
year, the additional enrichment has a STEM focus. Students involved in the
program received steady doses of reading, physical fitness and science and math
enrichment all rolled up into fun activities.

Each week of the three-week program had a different focus:

  • Week 1: Students played “CSI” and focused on
    forensic science.
  • Week 2: “I Believe I Can Fly” focused on
    activities surrounding flight and rocketry.
  • Week 3: “It’s Electric and Wobble Baby” involved
    students in studying electricity, force and motion.

Each day students also participated in reading and
activities that focused on the science and math of physical fitness. They researched
different exercises on computers and kept an online fitness journal. They also
journaled about their experiences and created their own physical fitness games.

Learning was geared toward drawing together the traditional
standards of reading, writing and math with the added elements of science,
technology and physical fitness.

It’s academic cross-training, and Principal Lauren Johnson
thinks it’s vital to the success of her students. “We wanted to do the STEM
enrichment because we wanted to meet the needs of all our students. We wanted
them all to have the chance to learn something new or explore something
different this summer in a fun way that keeps them thinking and moving,” she

Lauren Johnson and her leadership team wrote the
grant that is funding this added enrichment, and she wrote the curriculum used
during the “CSI” theme week. We’re proud of the work done at Raymond F. Brandes
summer school and how Principal Johnson and her staff have taken their students
beyond the standards!