July 18, 2018

Want to make sure your scholar is dress code compliant? Check out the 2018-19 IPS Dress Code guidelines for the latest changes and updates.

The guide is divided into elementary and secondary school categories, and covers everything from shirts/blouses, to pants/skirts/jumpers to shoes, socks, belts and even accessories.  

One of the most notable changes is the flexibility given to IPS high school students.

Scholars in Grades 9-12 can now wear any color (and in some cases patterns) in polo or oxford shirts, khaki-style plants or dress slacks, sweaters/sweater vests and fleece jackets — outside of their school colors. However, some of the same rules apply with other parts of the uniform policy. 

To make sure students can safely express their individuality while remaining compliant, check out the new IPS Dress Code rules here. Still have questions, please contact your student’s school.